IDM CC Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Links updated on : 16-03-2019

for Mozilla Firefox 52 or older


for Mozilla Firefox 53 or newer




It only requires a few click to install or update the addon. Just follow the steps below. 
    1. Click the “Install” button above relevant to your current Firefox version.
    2. Firefox will prompt you to install the Firefox addon.
    3. Click “Allow” to this web site to install the addon in your browser
    4. If you have any doubts, we welcome you to check the addon with any anti-virus software.

                 3. Click the “Add” button on the prompt

                  4. Go to Firefox > Addons to make sure that the IDMcc Addon is installed and enabled!

                  5. That’s it !.



IDM CC is a type of an extension for various browsers so that the user can download the files of their choice in just a single click. The idm cc for chrome and idm cc for firefox makes it way more easy for the user to download files, videos, and even movies.

Why one needs IDM CC?

IDM, or, the Internet Download Manager, is one of the best and fastest softwares to download files hassle free. However, it is quite possible sometimes that IDM doesn’t work efficiently, especially when one downloads a file or video when he/she pauses and resumes it. IDM may not be able to effectively catch the link if the file is paused and resumed. It might show errors such as ‘timeout error’ or idm cannot download the file because of timeout’. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to use idm extension for chrome or idm extension for firefox, depending on what browser the user prefers to use.

Advantages of IDM CC

IDM has many advantages in download speed and support. The most important advantages of idm cc are as follows.

  1. It offers a multilingual support.
  2. Contains scheduler pro to make tasks go easy and smooth.
  3. The availability of HTTPS support makes it more safe and secure.
  4. Progressive downloading with Quotas.
  5. Sounds on different events to make the user aware of what’s happening.
  6. Queue processor
  7. Virus protection on completion of every download to protect the downloaded files and videos.
  8. HTML help and tutorial enables the user to understand the software better.